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Entry #1

Butchered animals taste good on my toast.

5/9/13 by ArmouredGRIFFON

Chicken sandwiches yo-.


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You are sick xD xoxox x) :^*

Nah, you are cool :D



You're way too meta, I'm going to wear my atari shirt, listen to "They Might Be Giants, and wear my striped scarf. I knew you wouldn't get it.... Uncultured swine....

5/9/13 (Updated 5/9/13) ArmouredGRIFFON responds:

I'm an abstraction of another concept used to complete another concept? That's an adjective?! Unless you were making a reference to a video game, that is if you are from that side of the BBS. In which case, still don't get it.

Butchered children taste good on my toast...

5/9/13 (Updated 5/9/13) ArmouredGRIFFON responds:

You should get with the times kid... etech/article-1307936/Early-man-b utchered-ate-brains-children-ever yday-diet.html